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Good Drainage

Good drainage is one of the most important elements of a well landscaped area. Without proper drainage, plants will not thrive and no one wants puddles of water around their property either. Making sure the ground drains properly is the first step to creating an efficient garden.

First figure out what kind of conditions you currently have. Not many places in California have to deal with high water tables, which can cause poor drainage because the ground water level is already high. Lots of clay can also impede soil drainage and extra drainage is required. Lastly, the ground being too tightly compacted, common in new building sites, can also be an issue and loosening the dirt is a good idea before landscaping.

Hillsides that are poorly graded creates water run off. Grading slopped areas is an important step. By terracing flat levels into a slope, water won't run off as fast and have a chance to soak in. Planting grass on a steep slope without good terracing and drainage can lead to brown spots because the water runs off too fast and does not adequately water areas evenly on steep areas. Ground covers would be a better bet for a steep slope where terracing is not implemented.

Smart irrigation and slow drip systems can also help in making sure your landscape is not overly watered and the water given can soak in. Avoiding run off and overspray is important when implementing a watering system and today's smart controllers monitor the ground and only water when needed.

If you would like help with your landscape project, contact us! Our award-winning experts can help with every stage of the landscaping process and maintenance!

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