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50 Plants for Southern California Landscapes

Southern California has great options when it comes to choosing new plants for landscaped areas and gardens. It's mild climate makes it a perfect home for both native varieties and plants from other similar climates from around the world.

Although there are many choices to choose from, considering ones that are drought resistant when established and non-invasive is a good idea. Whether you are looking for shrubs, succulents, vines, groundcover, grass, perennials, or trees, this list from the San Diego County Water Authority has great water smart options for each: "These plants have been selected because they are attractive, often available in retail nurseries, easy to maintain, long-term performers, scaled for residential landscapes, and of course, once established, drought tolerant."

From commercial to residential, our professionals at Pacific Vista Landscape Services are here to help with all your landscaping needs. If you are starting a new project or redoing an existing landscaped area, contact us and see what we can do for you!


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