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Fall Gardening and Landscaping Tips

As Fall is quickly approaching and the weather begins to cool off, there are many things you can do to ensure the health of your garden and landscape in Southern California this Fall.

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Fall Mulching

Not only does mulching add a protective layer to help the quality of soil, it also protects your plants against weather conditions. As the weather begins to cool down, it is important that your plants are prepared for the cooler temperatures.

Check Irrigation Systems

With temperatures going down, and the weather not being scorching hot any longer, you may want to check your irrigation system. Not only will this prevent overwatering, but it will also help you save money in the coming, cooler months. Pacific Vista Landscape Services is happy to help you with your irrigation needs. Contact us today!


For those who plant vegetables, fall means harvest season! Harvest season runs from late September to December, but it is never too early in the Fall to prepare. Now is the time to start researching when the best time to harvest your vegetables is, as each is different from the next. It is also the time to buy the tools you need to harvest. This includes pruning shears, scissors, and gloves.

fall, gardening, fall gardening, landscaping, mulching, shears, gardening tips

Yard Clean up

Fall is a great time to start pulling your annuals and collecting fallen leaves. You can use your annuals and leaves to create compost for the next season and add it as a layer of supplemental food to next year's plants. They will love it! It's also important to clean up those piles of debris in your yard, especially ones with fruits and vegetables. Leaving these piles out can attract harmful pests to your precious garden.

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