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Irrigation Design and Retrofit

Previous sprinkler systems would spray water into the air which is both inefficient and wasteful. New irrigation systems save water and money and take better care of your landscape. Whether designing a new system, or updating your current system, we can help.
New Design
A detailed design of an irrigation system will be created by our landscape irrigation specialists Pacific Vista Landscape Services to best suit the area, climate, plants and property features.
If there are existing trees, special care can be given to them to protect them during construction.
A pre-construction GPS landscape audit can provide an evaluation of the ‘before’ level of carbon offset.
A combination of soft and hard scapes can reduce the amount of areas needing irrigation and can create a better flow for movement around the property.
Irrigation Retrofit
Pacific Vista Landscape Service can take an older system and retrofit it by establishing baseline data based on a digital base plan of existing/original irrigation and landscape in support of the planning process and ROI measurements.
This provides an accurate digital record of the location of the existing irrigation equipment [valves, lines and heads] to allow the designer to accurately depict the configuration of the new more efficient system.
We then have an accurate digital record of the location of the existing plants, which allows our irrigation and landscape designers to accurately depict which plants will be retained or replaced.
As cost reduction strategy, irrigation designs may include use of existing infrastructure. The result is the inclusion of several customized construction procedures as well as the use of:
  • Rotator and Precision nozzles installed at appropriate locations replacing the original Spray and/or Stream Rotor heads.

  • Surface flow and other low volume installations along all non-porouszles, surfaces and some of the turf areas

Smart Controllers
The new systems are also better because the controllers are now "smart". They can monitor when your landscape needs water and eliminates unnecessary watering. You can also control your system from your smart device.
If you want to explore what the new irrigations systems can do for your property and water bill, give us a call at 661-222-7525 or contact us here.
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