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Mosquito Repelling Plants!

If there is one thing most people can agree on, it’s that mosquitos and mosquito bites are annoying. Thankfully, there are many wonderful plants we can surround our yards and gardens with to naturally help prevent these pests.

lavender, mosquito repelling plant

Plants such as lavender, catmint, peppermint, and marigold all contain strong odors which may smell amazing to humans, but that mosquitos hate. All these plants do amazing in the Southern California climate due to their need for full sun and moderate watering. Another upside of these plants is that they are all perennials! While some marigolds are annuals, there are other types that come back every year and still repel mosquitos, such as the Mexican marigold which boasts beautiful, vibrant summer colors.

If you love planting your own herbs and vegetables, basil and garlic are perfect for you and mosquito repelling, once again due to their fragrance. Both plants do amazing in full sun and can come back every year if properly managed. Garlic contains a compound called allicin, which is what gives garlic its strong odor. This smell may confuse mosquitos and ward them off from biting you!

Not only do all these plants repel mosquitos naturally, but they can also liven up your yard or garden with their scents and colors. There is also no need to worry about where your helpful bees and butterflies will go once you add these plants to your home. While mosquitos detest these plants, butterflies, and bees, helpful garden insects, are still very much attracted to them.

From the beautiful colors of marigolds and lavender to the fresh smell of basil and peppermint, these plants have many great features whilst ridding of those biting pests.

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