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Adding Character to Your Yard in the Winter

As Californians, we are lucky to live in such a nice, warm climate. But sometimes, the winter days hit us harder than usual, and we need a little something to spice up our life – or yard!

With California’s Mediterranean climate we are lucky to be able to still have beautiful flowers all year round. Here are a few that can add more liveliness and color around your home.

Winter Jasmine

Yellow and elegant, winter jasmine is known in Chinese as “The flower that welcomes Spring”. A lively addition to your yard, winter jasmine can thrive in cold and hot temperatures making it the perfect perennial. Winter jasmine does best with regular watering, especially during those hot SoCal summers and a bit of trimming from time to time.


Seen all over Southern California, these flowers come in a multitude of colors and their beautiful form will surely add personality to your yard or garden. Hydrangeas are a lovely flower because of their easy care. This flower has two main requirements: morning sun and afternoon shade and a well-draining soil.


Pansies are a delicate, low-maintenance flower that can add so much calm to the surroundings of your domicile. These dainty flowers enjoy the same amount of sunshine as the hydrangea and do well in Southern California winters because of the sunshine.

Pansies should be planted about a foot apart from each other. They are relatively low maintenance and can provide more character to your home.

Want the best results with these flowers for your yard? Contact us today!


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