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Houseplants to Revitalize Your Home!

We've talked a lot about outdoor landscaping and gardening, but what about the inside of your home? Houseplants can be a great decoration to liven up your living space, especially in the colder months. They're also mood boosters, bringing a touch of nature indoors and adding a pop of color.


Ferns make a great plant to keep in your bathroom due to their love for humidity. You can make sure your fern is kept happy by misting it a couple of times a day. The lemon button fern makes a great plant for the bathroom due to its minimal upkeep. They don't need a lot of light and are generally hard to kill. Another bonus is that it leaves a fresh lemony scent!


If you often worry about over or under-watering your plants, succulents are perfect for you. In the summer, succulents usually only need to be fed about once every two weeks, and in the winter months only about once. Succulents are the perfect plant for almost any climate and can add an element of harmony and freshness to your home. They are also easy to find in a variety of sizes, so you can place them anywhere you see fit.


People love orchids for their color variety and daintiness. These flowers can make a great centerpiece for a dining room table or to add color to your bedroom.

We recommend putting two to three ice cubes a week in your orchid plant, not touching the leaves. The slow melt of the ice ensures your orchid doesn't drown. If your orchid seems like it needs more watering, simply add one more ice cube per week and observe.

Why Have Houseplants?

By adding an element of nature into your home, houseplants add pops of color and calmness. Not only do houseplants look good, but they make us feel good too!

Aesthetics aside, house plants have health benefits too! They can help improve the air quality of your home since they are natural air purifiers. This not only enhances your well-being but also creates a healthier environment for your decor.

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