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Holiday Landscaping Tips

The holidays are here and it’s time to decorate! We all love to look at the festive decorations that grace houses and businesses as we go through the holiday season.

We get to see everything from a simple charming string of lights gracing the eves to a massive computer operated program that coordinates the lights to music creating a multi-sensory experience. Whether big or small, lights and decorations are a beautiful way to express the season.

When it comes to decorating your own landscape, Pacific Vista Landscape Services would like to offer some suggestions to make your life easier. Here is an easy list of things you definitely want to do and some things you probably want to avoid.

Do this:

  • Be sure to highlight architectural or landscape features. Do you love something about your house or yard? Show it off!

  • Consider your homes’ placement. If your house sits farther back on your lot, consider using strands of lights with larger bulbs for higher visibility.

  • Be practical. This about where the lights will be in relation to the driveway or any walkways. Avoid putting strands right across the walkway which would create a trip hazard.

  • Plan ahead. Make sure you have outdoor safe lights and enough extension cords. Also be sure you have enough lights to do the job you want to accomplish.

  • Check your lights before you hang them. There’s little that is more annoying than finding out a strand doesn’t work after you’ve already put them up.

  • Be neighbor friendly. Avoid loud decorations, like the blowup décor. Also aim your projection lights so they don’t shine at the neighbor’s home.

  • Used correctly, projection LED lights are an easy way to decorate and can look great not just on the house, but on plants and hedges too. One unit can light a large area, takes less electricity, and no strings of lights to deal with, and clean-up is easy!

Avoid this:

  • Light everything in the yard, unless you get it professionally done with the correct equipment to do so safely.

  • Allow some wow factor by using “blank” space in your decoration. It can certainly add an extra punch to the lights without overdoing.

  • On the other end of the scale, don’t leave your decorations unbalanced and looking incomplete. Plan out your decorations and make sure it looks complete.

  • Try to avoid mixing LED and traditional lights and instead pick one style. It will keep your decorations looking cleaner.

  • Don’t overload the circuits. Take care to keep safety at the top of the list when decorating. Using the correct amount of lights on one circuit is important. Plus, how can you enjoy your lights if something blows, then the whole house is dark.

  • Finally, when you are decorating, don’t step on the top rung of a ladder. Safety first!

Pacific Vista Landscaping wants you to be safe this holiday season but also encourages you to enjoy the festivities. Be sure to take those precautions but have fun when decorating your yard. Happy Holidays!

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