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Best Backflow Prevention and Certification

When backflow protection is necessary, customers are required by their local water company, for instance LADWP, to have an approved backflow prevention assembly installed and tested annually by a certified company. Pacific Vista Landscape Services is proud to be certified in installation, repair, and testing of all approved backflow prevention assemblies in Los Angeles and Ventura counties.

Protecting the public water system from contamination is essential for the safety of our water supply. Cross-connections of pipes between the public water system and private water systems can lead to backflow issues in which untested and possibly unsafe water goes the wrong direction due to backpressure, and can contaminate the public water supply system.

To protect against this, there are Backflow Prevention Programs like LADWP's Backflow Protection Program by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and the County of Ventura's Resource Management Agency's Backflow Prevention Program.

As explained by the Los Angeles County Waterworks District, "A cross-connection is any connection between a safe drinking water system and any other untested water source, system, or equipment that may contain unsafe substance. LACWD’s public water systems are designed to keep water flowing in one direction—from LACWD’s water main to the customers’ connections. When an undesirable condition known as backflow occurs, water is allowed to flow in the opposite direction and may bring contaminants or pollutant into the public drinking water supply through a cross-connection.

Backflow is caused by a back siphonage or a back pressure condition in the public water system. Back siphonage may occur when the pressure in the public water system drops below atmospheric pressure and creates a vacuum that may pull unsafe substance into the public water supply. Back pressure may occur when the pressure from a private water system becomes greater than the pressure in the public water system. This difference in pressure may allow unsafe substance from the private water system to enter the public water system. Approved backflow prevention assemblies are designed to prevent backflow of contaminants or pollutants from entering the public water systems."

AT Pacific Vista Landscape Services, we offer low rates to our clients with backflow requirements and also specialize in custom protective cages for the backflow assembly, repairs to existing devices, and offer a free annual reminder for testing and certification. Emergency and after hour service is also available. Contact us today for installation, repairs, and testing by our professional, certified backflow prevention service team and let us ensure your property is in compliance!


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