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Brush Clearance for Southern California

The recent wildfires in California are a reminder it's a good time to clear brush. Fire season has become longer in our state, and the best thing a homeowner can do is have defensible space around their property.

Even if you have not received an inspection notice from the Los Angeles Fire Department, do not assume that you do not need to be in compliance. By being proactive, your property will be safer in the event of a fire. You can look up your property by parcel number with the LAFD Inspection Portal. The Los Angeles Fire Department website has helpful information for property owners who are getting ready to clear brush around their homes. It is very important to follow their advice as clearing brush has often led to fires when done incorrectly.

LAFD BRUSH CLEARANCE SAFETY TIPS: "Remember that when clearing your brush, safety is very important. In recent years many brush fires have started by homeowners attempting to clear their brush. Many times, the sparks produced from metal blades on motorized equipment has started fires.

  • Always have a water source readily available. A water extinguisher, garden hose or a few buckets of water.

  • Avoid clearing brush during the peak temperatures of the day, between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm and on days when a Red Flag Alert* has been declared by the Fire Department.

  • Only use properly maintained motorized equipment and have a spark arrester when required.

  • Do not refuel motorized equipment while motor is running. Use approved fuel-dispensing containers only.

  • Always make sure the hot exhaust on any motorized equipment is clear of any vegetation. (grasses, weeds, shrubs)

  • Do not use metal blades on weed whackers/whips. Use nylon line or plastic blades instead.

  • Always wear safety glasses and gloves. Hard hats and dust masks are recommended.

* Red Flag weather days refer to certain weather conditions that can cause a wild-land fire to start and to spread rapidly. These conditions generally exist when the winds exceed 25 mph and relative humidity is below 15%."

Pacific Vista Landscape Services is here for you to help protect your home by clearing the brush and doing it safely and correctly. Call us for a quote at 661-222-7525.

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