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Fire-Wise Landscaping

Due to our ongoing drought conditions, fire-wise landscaping is now a year-round responsibility in Southern California. While no plants are fire-proof, some can greatly reduce the heat generated during a wildfire, and reduce the ability of the fire to travel to a home or structure.

Here are some fire-wise landscaping tips from

  • Keep plants properly watered, especially within 30’ of home but do not overwater.

  • Use of hard scape materials, such as stone/brick/concrete pathways and patios, and inorganic mulches adjacent to home adds to your fire resistant landscape.

  • Prune back tree limbs to 10’ from chimney.

  • Clear leaves and needles out of gutters and roof valleys.

  • Native plants can be used. Some may require trimming up lower branches. Eliminate fuel ladders from ground to lower then upper branches.

  • Remove invasive plant species, such as, Arundo, castor bean, and ivy.

  • Ensure that fuel management activities do not disturb birds’ nests, especially hummingbirds’, which are walnut-sized and easily overlooked.

  • Maintain defensible space around your home. Check with your local fire dept for the required distance.

  • Defensible space around your home reduces the risk of fire transmission to your property and allows firefighters safe access around structures. More info about defensible space here:

Going on vacation?

Before you leave for your vacation, make sure that you have also left your home well prepared in case a wildfire occurs while you are away:

  • Make sure to close all windows and doors securely

  • Remove anything flammable around perimeter of house, including any outdoor furniture, cushions, door mats, and trash cans

  • Clean up all yard debris before leaving, including under decks and in rain gutters

Making the choice to adapt these fire-wise tips can make the difference if a wildfire threatens your home or business. If you would like our landscaping experts to asses your landscaped areas, give us a call at 661-222-7525 for a free consultation!

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