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Our Tree Maintenance Program

Trees in an urban environment are susceptible to many forms of stress including; wind, rain, disease and pest damage. These stresses can be minimized by implementing a routine maintenance program for trees.

Often by the time a tree shows outward signs of distress like early loss of leaves or decay, the underlying issue has already progressed to the late stages.

As experts in local conditions and tree problems, Pacific Vista Landscape Service managers meet with property-owners to provide tree and shrub inspections. This process is invaluable in uncovering issues before they cause serious damage.

Our professionals will provide your property with a complete inventory of all trees and organize these trees on a multiple year tree care plan. We will place the trees on an appropriate frequency to best suit a given species.

A proper tree care program will allow fluid growth patterns and wind penetration. This will condition your trees for long term healthy development.

All of our pruning practices are based upon the International Society of Arboriculture industry standards.

Since 1998, our professional arborists and tree trimmers have been providing professional tree services to residential and commercial customers throughout Southern California.

Call us for a free assessment of your trees today! 661-222-7525

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