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Irrigation Goals!

Living in our beautiful state has its challenges with water. Luckily, our climate allows for a wide variety of native plants as well as plants from other similar regions. The key to thriving plants is great irrigation.

Once you know your soil is conducive to the plants your are planting, making sure your irrigation is working right and has these elements for top efficiency and thriving plants:

  • Good complete coverage of area

  • Watering at the roots

  • Minimum runoff

  • A smart controller

Existing Systems Can be updated Without Being Replaced

Automatic controllers can waste water because they always come on, despite conditions, unless managed. Switching it out for a smart one that can sense when to water can make a big difference in saving water and helping plants to thrive by not being over watered.

Sprinkler heads can also be updated to spray with less evaporation and more direct control. Rotators can help let water absorb while watering other areas. Drip systems are a great way to get to the roots with as little waste as possible.

Updating your system with these elements will make a huge difference in your water bill and your plants will thrive!


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