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June 1st 2022 New Water Restrictions Begin

It is time to up our commitment to water conservation and starting June 1st, 2022, new water restrictions will begin. The latest Drought Data has not only shown worsening conditions, it also shows that Californians have been lax in saving water the last couple of years, despite the threat of more intense drought conditions throughout California.

Los Angeles City

In Southern California, Los Angeles City areas have new restrictions for watering your landscape to no more than two days a week, and which days are determined by your street address. Also there is no watering between 9am-4pm. Watering is limited to a maximum of 15 minutes.

Different counties and metropolitan areas can implement more strict or lenient restrictions, depending on the data for their area.

Santa Clarita Valley

In Santa Clarita, the SCV Water’s Board of Directors voted Tuesday to move the Agency into Stage 2 of its Water Shortage Contingency Plan. The move comes as California and the Santa Clarita Valley continue to face a severe drought with no end in sight.

"Despite planning for dry times, this drought has become so severe that we are having to dip into our banked water supplies," said SCV Water’s General Manager Matt Stone.

“Moving to Stage 2 will place new water restrictions in place to eliminate water waste and ensure we have enough water to meet the needs of our community.”

Santa Clarita Valley Stage 2 includes stage 1 and asks for consumers to voluntarily save at least 20% more:

Make sure to check with your local area to know what's allowed. Smart meters can really help make watering at certain times easy. Check out Smart Landscaping to see how!

Do you need to redo your sprinkler system? We can help! Contact us today!


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