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Transforming with Trees

Trees are the most transformative landscape element you can add to a property. Even though we are in drought conditions here in Southern California, and through much of the western U.S., continuing to plant trees is of utmost importance for a variety of reasons.

The most obvious reason is they give life to our planet. By converting carbon dioxide to oxygen, they support all living beings. While that alone is enough of a reason, there are many other ways trees are beneficial.

When deciding what landscape element to keep during drought, trees are at the top of the list. They add the most property value and visually can make any home or building look better. They provide shade which can make an outside area more enjoyable.Their roots help hold soil from running off.

Choosing the right trees is important too. Going with native varieties and ones from a Mediterranean climate, which is very similar to our climate, is key.

Deciding where to plant a tree should also be given careful consideration. Do not plant young trees too close to a structure. Allow for room for when it's full grown and also to minimize structural damage by winds or fire.

New trees will need more water at first to get their roots to grow deep, but once their roots are established, trees will need less water to continue thriving. A smart controlled drip irrigation system is the most efficient way to both save water and optimize the tree's chance for survival.

Proper trimming depending on what's best for the type of tree is important. (See The Right Time to Trim Trees). Also, root drenches can help yearly to make trees strong against diseases and pests.

Let us help you transform your landscape with trees! Our professionals are experts in all aspects of landscape, including new planning and installation of hardscapes and softscapes, installing new and updating old irrigation systems, backflow installation, and maintenance of both commercial and residential properties. Contact us today and get a free quote!


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