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Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Does your commercial property need a regular landscape maintenance? We can take care of your property year round so you don't have to think about it.

We handle all sizes of commercial properties. Our clients include home communities, commercial complexes, industrial complexes, apartment buildings, condos, retail centers, schools, hospitals, museums, and resorts.

We are dedicated to maintaining the beauty and value of your landscape including lawns, shrubs, trees, irrigation, and sprinkler systems. Our primary focus is on water conservation and maintaining your irrigation drainage systems to save water and cost.

Many of our clients have realized substantial savings due to our work in water conservation, irrigation management, and landscaping design and installation. Here is what one of our clients said about us:

"Diamond Head is a large community with a variety of challenges for any landscape maintenance company. We have worked with Pacific Vista Landscape for 8 years and have found them responsive, diligent and creative in successfully managing our property. The Pacific Vista Tree Care service is exceptional, we always know they will do an excellent job and we use them exclusively."- Robert Wilson, Diamond Head HOA Committee

We offer two maintenance service plans that can be customized to best fit your property's needs:

Standard Maintenance Services

  • Reliable qualified care for turf, shrubs, ground-covers, flowers and trees

  • Custom Fertilization Program based on individual plant requirements

  • Consistent Irrigation Inspections

  • Tree Trimming and Service Recommendations

  • Brush Clearance, Litter, Debris Pick-Up

Premium Maintenance Services

  • Annual Color Installation

  • Complete Renovation & Design

  • Annual Seeding

  • Large Scale Irrigation, Drainage Repair & Engineering

Established in 1988, Pacific Vista Landscape Services manages every aspect of landscaping maintenance and design. Contact us today and see what our team can do for your commercial property!

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