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Ten Ways to Conserve Water with Your Landscape

Conserving water has become woven into our lives and striving for the perfect amount for your landscape is essential in helping it thrive, and keeping water costs down.

Here are ten simple ways from the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources to insure you don't use more than you need when it comes to watering your landscape:

1. Select water-efficient plants that grow well in your climate and microclimate

2. ‘Hydrozone’: Place plants with similar water needs together and irrigate them accordingly (high, medium, low, and very low zones)

3. Let roots of established plants dry out between irrigations, water deeply and infrequently slightly below the root zone

4. If you do not use or enjoy your lawn consider replacing it with drought-tolerant plants

5. Mix soil amendments (compost, etc.) evenly and deeply into sandy and clay soils (40% or more by volume) before planting

6. Spread a 2 - 3” layer of mulch on top of soil around garden plants and trees

7. Water early in the morning

8. Control weeds

9. Avoid over-fertilizing

10. Sweep walkways and driveways , do not hose them down with water

These steps can make a difference in your water consumption. Adding smart irrigation systems, updating sprinkler heads and using drip irrigation can really help too! Need an expert? Call us at 661-222-7525 or contact us through here.


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