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Commercial Landscape

Beautiful landscape can add value and appeal to public areas. Choosing the right combination of plants and hardscapes, along with proper irrigation and drainage, makes for a successful landscaping project that can be inviting, visually pleasing and last for years.

Whether you choose Pacific Vista Landscape Services, or another company, make sure to choose one that will be able to employ skilled horticulturalists and landscape professionals to help combine natural elements with man-made elements to create a beautiful commercial green space.

Hiring a company with a range of services can be easier than hiring subcontractors for each part. In addition to creating new projects, we also can renovate existing commercial outdoor areas and update irrigation systems. A well rounded commercial landscape company should offer the following:

  • Complete Landscape design

  • Complete Landscape construction, including hardscapes and water features

  • Commercial Landscape Maintenance

  • Commercial Irrigation Installation and Service, Including Backflow

Design & Construction

Whether starting from scratch or updating an existing area, our professionals take time to properly assess your current space. They look for issues related to erosion, drainage, health and appeal. Then they design proper drainage for the site, as well as smart irrigation systems which saves money by only watering when needed. In addition, we can update older systems with new technology.

We can also create a silva cell, an underground infrastructure system that provides stormwater management. Another great water saving option is bioretention beds, in which a shallow basin is filled with native plants specifically chosen to capture and treat runoff. Dry river beds are also visually nice and add directional run-off which is helpful to get water where you need it.

We then construct or renovate your space using these elements and add chosen amenities that will enhance the property, like pathways and outdoor living areas. Our horticulturists then choose plants that make the most sense for your design and conditions. Commercial landscape design and construction includes the following:

  • Softscapes with Plants and Trees

  • Hardscapes i.e.pathways, retaining walls, decks, stairs, built-in seating

  • Water Features i.e. ponds, streams, fountains

  • Smart Irrigation

  • Dry River Beds

  • Silva Cell Systems

  • Bioretention Beds

  • Fencing

  • Planters

  • BBQ Area

  • Fire Pit

  • Dog Park

  • Playground

  • Bike / Running Path

  • Outdoor Gym

Once your project is built or renovated, we offer a commercial maintenance plan to keep your property looking good! We can add seasonal flowers, prune trees, and check that everything is the way it should be on a regular basis. We take care of many commercial properties in Southern California, including schools, hospitals, condos, HOAs, resorts, and museums. Contact us or call us today at 661-222-7525 and see what we can do for you!


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